We’ve all been there... lying awake at night and thinking to yourself…
“I didn’t reach out...” “I didn’t speak up...” “I didn’t accomplish..."

And then you realize…you didn’t do any of those things because you were too busy beating the crap out of yourself for things you can’t change...


Too much? Too fat? Too fem? 
Not enough? Not gay enough? Not "passing"?


Together we can transform the shame and guilt we’ve constructed around our unique identities and use them to attract that love, purpose, and courage we’ve been missing out on.

Leaves Shadows


Tired of meeting people at gay bars and dating apps? Join our queer wellness community focused on friendship and siblinghood. In-person events usually take place in North County San Diego, while we will continue holding virtual events.

All our meetups are focused on health, wellness, fun, and community!


"To think that every bug, every leaf, and every microscopic being serves some purpose in this complex ecosystem... how can I... as queer and strange as I may be... not radiate my own honest intentions into this world."

Nathan Serrato