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Speak Boldly. Connect Authentically. 


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Nathan Serrato founded Queer Conscious in 2017 to empower LGBTQ+ individuals with enhanced confidence, leadership skills, and relationship-building expertise. With a rich background in coaching and over a dozen specialized certifications, Nathan has guided hundreds in building thriving relationships and stepping into respected leadership roles. With more LGBTQ+ honing their leadership skills, it’s his belief that a more inclusive and accepting world is possible. Beyond personal coaching, he has organized over 100 events fostering community, wellness, and personal growth. Nathan also serves as an Ambassador for Out Pro and Hike Captain for Gay Adventure Friends, roles that underscore his commitment to creating a more visible LGBTQ+ community. 

Leaves Shadows

The World Needs
Less Coming Out Stories &
More Coming To Power Stories

In the queer community, the journey towards authenticity often involves overcoming barriers to effective communication and self-expression. Queer Conscious is designed to help you navigate these challenges, empowering you to live with more courage, clarity, and confidence.

At the heart of our approach is the belief that improved communication is not just about speaking up; it's about speaking true. It's about harnessing your unique voice to express your deepest truths, desires, and dreams. This journey of self-expression is a stepping stone to a life of greater fulfillment and joy. As you learn to communicate more effectively, you'll find that it not only enhances your personal relationships but also amplifies your impact in the wider world.

But our vision goes beyond individual transformation...


We believe that when queer people embrace their authentic voices and live courageously, they become powerful agents of change. By fostering better communication and self-expression, you're not only improving your own life; you're also stepping into a role of leadership. Queer leaders, empowered by their authenticity and courage, are essential in creating a more just, inclusive, and loving world. Are you ready to claim your power? 

Tired of meeting people at gay bars and dating apps? Join our queer wellness community focused on friendship and siblinghood. In-person events usually take place in San Diego and the surrounding areas, but keep a lookout for virtual events.

All our meetups are focused on health, wellness, fun, and community!



Leaves Shadows


"From the rehearsal rooms to the Coachella Stage, working with Nathan helped me to trust my creative vision and step into the power of my leadership."

Coco, CEO/Creative Director

Bob's Dance Shop

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