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Ditch The Scene, Embrace Community



Join our community. All our meetups are focused on health, wellness, fun, and community!

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Jeff, Escondido

“Each event has a lot of care and effort put into it. In the gentlest ways possible you ask us to make room for ourselves in our own heart and be visible and open about it with each other."

Erik, San Diego

“We so often lead with our walls and show the world what we want them to see--not who we truly are. This incredible hike lead by [Nathan Serrato] broke down those masks we show the world and allowed vulnerability and connection."

Juan, Valley Center 

“I never thought it was possible to be surrounded by this many dudes in one space; intentional, uplifting, and vulnerable. Together, we shared our experiences, made connections, and grounded ourselves in healing and self-love."

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