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Within the LGBTQ+ community, the prevalence of depression, anxiety, and substance dependency is alarmingly high, not to mention the increased risks of sexual violence and hate crimes. Beyond these societal challenges, fitting into the queer community itself can be daunting, with its often unattainable body standards. This creates a relentless struggle for belonging, as many find themselves caught between the pressures of a heteronormative society and a competitive queer culture.

Many in the queer community grapple with feelings of isolation, unworthiness, and the fear of being unlovable. Our Breakthrough Coaching Process is designed to address these deep-seated issues head-on. Utilizing a blend of ICF Coaching, Somatic Coaching, and Time Line Therapy®, we delve into the core of negative emotions and limiting beliefs. This approach allows for a rapid and effective reframing of these issues, both in the conscious and unconscious mind, leading to a profound and lasting transformation. 

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1-on-1 Transformational Coaching



1-on-1 Transformative Coaching for
Lifelong Discipline

Accountability coaching sessions are more than just a space for reflection; they are a journey towards discovering the incredible strength and answers that already reside within you. Recognizing the significance of resilience, emotional intelligence, and discipline is especially crucial for the queer community. These qualities not only foster a sense of ownership over one's life but also empower individuals to navigate the complexities of their identities with confidence and self-compassion. In each hour long session, we delve into processing life's challenges, crafting actionable steps towards your goals, and maintaining accountability—a vital component for sustained personal growth and self-realization.

Unlike conventional coaching methods that often only scratch the surface, our approach is deeply rooted in understanding and resolving the core issues that impede your progress. This method of diving into the underlying causes of your challenges enables us to guide you towards meaningful and lasting lifestyle changes, rather than temporary fixes. Our goal is to guide you towards a life marked by greater fulfillment, confidence, and self-assuredness, paving the way for a journey to empowerment.

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