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“I am a bisexual ex-mormon who has lived through a year of conversion therapy. I have also been diagnosed with dyslexia, irlen syndrome, neurofibromatosis, and petit mal seizures. These obstacles in my life used to shape me and created many unhealthy coping mechanisms.

Coaching created a safe space where I could combat and live with these not so good coping mechanisms. Where I could analyze the negative thoughts and emotions holding me back, truly see them, and change them into something positive. Nathan created a space where I could finally be honest with someone and most importantly myself.

 My life has already changed in so many ways as I've been able to set clear and loving boundaries with those around me. Most of all it has given me the freedom and the power to make the best decisions to support me and my goals." 

-Alexandria Moorman

Plant Shadow


LGBTQ+ people are twice as likely to suffer from depression, anxiety, and alcohol dependency, while having higher chances of sexual violence and being victims of hate crimes. If that wasn’t enough for us to worry about, it’s not always easy fitting into the queer community especially in settings with impossible body standards and a high focus on material possessions. There seems to be a constant struggle of trying to find belonging between an oppressive, heteronormative society and a competitive, queer culture.


The feelings of isolation, unworthiness, and fears of being unlovable are all too common in the queer experience. Through ICF Coaching and Time Line Therapy® we can get to the root of the negative emotions and limiting decisions and quickly reframe them in the conscious and unconscious mind for a long-lasting transformation. Click below to discover the root of what's keeping you from the confidence, purpose, and love you are deserving of.

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1-on-1 Transformational Coaching


A Queer Way Forward

Join this 9 week journey to self-discovery and queer authenticity. Learn effective communication skills to set healthy boundaries with those around you. Become aligned with your vision, values, and motivators. Having this encouraging community will help you find that motivation within to develop healthy thought patterns, emotional intelligence, and achievable goals. You'll get a custom journal, 9 live group coaching calls, 3 one-on-one calls, and a journal with daily discovery prompts. Apply below to see if group coaching is the best place to start your journey to self-love and liberation.



Build confidence.



Stay on track.

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Weekly Support



Discover your truth.

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