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Blue Water

Soul Confidence


Find freedom from religion, deeper connections,
and confidence in your spiritual path.

It's time to ask yourself the hard questions

Do you find it hard to attract and maintain healthy relationships?

Are you burdened by feelings of guilt and not being good enough?

Is it challenging for you to enjoy sexual intimacy and pleasure? 
Do you long for a deeper connection with yourself and with those around you?

Are you ready to be more confident in your spirituality and self-expression?
Do you find it hard to trust your own judgement or decisions?

The Soul Confidence 5-day masterclass offers a pathway to a gentle journey in deconstruction.

You'll learn the tools and techniques you need to overcome the impacts of religious trauma and find a deeper sense of joy, freedom, and authenticity in your personal relationships. Our expert instructors will guide you through a transformative process of deconstruct the harmful parts of your spiritual beliefs, but more importantly, the harmful beliefs you have about yourself. 


Stop Letting

Others Decide
Introducing a 5-day virtual experience where you will deconstruct the shame and guilt of religion and find empowerment in your spiritual beliefs, relationships, and authentic expression.

The spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear and the acceptance of love

Marianne Williamson

In the Soul Confidence Masterclass you will:

  • Find out what's stopping you from feeling fulfilled in your personal relationships

  • Learn how religion fosters low self-worth and people pleasing

  • Create a path to experience more pleasure and intimacy in your life

  • Discover tools to feel more confident in your choices 

  • Understand the difference between fear-based religion and love-based religion 

  • Gain resources to fuel your deconstruction and/or reconstruction of faith 

Valued at $987.00

>> ONLY $33.00 <<


If you are under 18 feel free to reach out and I can connect you with free programs meant just for you.

Choose Spiritual Freedom
5-day virtual masterclass with one-on-one coaching.


  • Monday, August 28th - Friday, September 1st 2023

  • 5:00-6:30pm PST/8:00-9:30pm EST each day.


Online Webinar from the comfort of your own home or office. The webinar link will be sent to you when you register. 

Participants' video will be hidden but are encouraged to participate through chat.

NO EXCUSES, If you can't make it live, watch the recordings!

This is the quickest way you can shift your mindset for a profound, radical, transformation in your spirituality

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Meet Your Coaches

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Nathan Serrato

Master Life & Trauma Coach

Nathan's a mindset coach who helps to free people from shame and help them attain the types of careers and relationships they're worthy of.


Brandan Robertson

Author & Theologian

Robertson is spreading the good word of an inclusive modern gospel. 

Rolling Stone

Break The Cycles

Christianity has long offered people a sense of hope, belonging, and comfort. There are parts of this religion that can be fulfilling and create more openness to love and gratitude. Along the way, there have been parts of the religion that have been used for corruption, power, and political leverage. 

The mental health impacts can often lead to:

  • self-sacrifice and people pleasing

  • sexual dysfunction and unhealthy attachment styles

  • heightened anxiety and lack of trust in one's own judgement

  • overwhelming shame and lack of confidence

  • avoidance behaviors and substance abuse

  • existential dread and night terrors

These cycles of guilt, shame, and fear disconnect us from the true purpose of Christianity, to live like Christ and love your neighbor as yourself. The Soul Confidence 5-Day Masterclass offers a pathway to deconstruct mistranslated theology and hateful rhetoric of Christianity and to help you rediscover confidence in your spiritual beliefs. You’ll also gain insight on how religious dogma has impacted your mental health and leave with a road map on how to authentically express yourself & create healthier connections. 


Couple's Feet in Bed

Reclaim Intimacy & Pleasure

Messages of sexual shame and taboo originating from religious teachings are interwoven in our society and can often lead to difficulties with sexual function and intimacy. The negative repercussions extend to stress, sexual dissatisfaction, and even physical symptoms such as erectile dysfunction, dyspareunia (painful sex), or vaginismus (tightening of pelvic floor muscles during penetration). For LGBTQ+ individuals, this is compounded by teachings that outright condemn their sexual orientation, causing a deep-rooted fear of being 'discovered' or 'punished.' So what does the bible really say about intimacy?


It's time to overcome the guilt and fear surrounding your intimate relationships and sexual experiences.

What people are saying...

Theology Meets Mental Health

Our Process

While both understanding mental health and biblical theology are important for overcoming religious trauma, it is equally important to work on them together. There are root causes in each and addressing one without the other can be ineffective.


Seeking support from a mental health professional can provide the necessary tools for managing and improving mental health, but it may not help in understanding and creating a new paradigm of beliefs within a religious context. On the other hand, exploring biblical theology can provide insight and direction, but it may not address the emotional and psychological impact of the trauma as well as the identities formed around it.


Brandan's understanding of biblical theology can help provide comfort, hope, and spiritual direction. By taking into account cultural translations and historical contexts of biblical literature it becomes easier to dismantle harmful beliefs or practices that may have contributed to the religious trauma. In addition, Nathan's trauma-informed coaching helps to redirect unhealthy relationship habits including, fear of intimacy, lack of trust, and clinginess to bring about more authentic connection. The combined somatic and coaching model helps to break down the harmful habits in the mind and body, as well as the identities formed to protect oneself throughout these religious practices. Going through this process gives you the intellectual expertise of source literature, confidence in your own behaviors, and opens new possibilities for the way you connect with yourself, spirituality, and those around you. 

Find Your Power

Carrying these emotional burdens can have far-reaching consequences that can move throughout various aspects of your life. These negative feelings can result in unhealthy attachment styles that manifest as an unquenchable need for approval and acceptance from others. This leads to patterns of people-pleasing and self-sacrifice that may feel noble but are ultimately self-destructive.


As you bend over backward to meet others' expectations—sometimes at the expense of your own well-being—you inevitably set yourself up for resentment, both towards yourself and the individuals or religious institutions that planted these seeds of guilt and shame in the first place. By confronting these issues now, you are opening a pathway to psychological freedom and healthier relationships, setting the stage for a life that is led by genuine passion, inner peace, and self-respect rather than fear and obligation.

It's time to stop hiding and be the person you know you can be.

We Are The Guides

You Are The Captain

This is NOT a one path fits all method where you will be told what to believe. Instead, our experts will guide you through a proven process that empowers you to find your own path forward–whether that's within the realms of the Christian faith or outside of it. Together we’ll explore the historical contexts of Christian theology, the science of religious trauma, and learn how to overcome the mental health impacts no longer serving you.

Meditating in Nature

What You're Getting:

  • 5 Days of 90 minute webinars with our experts (Monday, August 28th - Friday, September 1st 2023 5:00-6:30pm PST/8:00-9:30pm EST)

  • 2 one-on-one phone calls to help you understand your unique spiritual challenges (1x15 minute & 1x45 minute)

  • Access to our community page with like-minded individuals

  • Daily activities and meditations to support your spiritual journey


All for only $33

This Masterclass Is For You If...

You've looked under the rug of Christian religions. You've been hurt, betrayed, or fallen out of alignment with rhetoric in many churches. You realize you've lost your power in your spirituality, your connections, and with your own authenticity. This class is for anyone looking to gain a deeper insight on religious texts and the identities they've formed because of them. While this will be taught from the lens of two queer men, it is open to people of sexual, spiritual, and religious identities. 


What Are People Saying




As a queer Christian, I feel isolated from most other Christians. Brandan helped me to discover that I belonged within my faith and gave me the tools to begin healing my wounds of rejection.


 - Sarah, 24, Arizona 

I am a bisexual exmormon who has lived through a year of conversion therapy. Nathan's coaching created a safe space where I could process these hardships and learn to set clear and loving boundaries with those around me.

- Alexandria Moorman, 21, California

Working with Brandan to process my doubts helped me to find peace and courage to dive into deconstruction, not as a loss of my faith but as a rediscovery of it.


- Mark, 35, Tennessee 

Brandan Robertson
Author & Theologian

Rev. Brandan Robertson is a noted author, pastor, activist, and public theologian working at the intersections of spirituality, sexuality, and social renewal. He currently serves as the Lead Pastor of Metanoia Church, a digital progressive, inclusive faith community. A prolific writer, he is the author of eight books on spirituality, justice, and theology, including the INDIES Book of the Year Award Finalist True Inclusion: Creating Communities of Radical Embrace and the Amazon best-selling devotional Strength In Faith.  Named by the Human Rights Campaign as one of the top faith-leaders leading the fight for LGBTQ+ equality, Robertson has worked with political leaders and activists around the world to end conversion therapy and promote the human rights of sexual and gender minorities.  Robertson received his Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Ministry and Theology from Moody Bible Institute, his Master of Theological Studies from Iliff School of Theology, and his Master of Arts in Political Science and Public Administration from Eastern Illinois University. He currently resides in Washington, D.C. 

Screen Shot 2022-12-13 at 10.25.50 PM.png

Nathan Serrato
Master Life & Trauma Coach

As a Master Certified Life & Trauma Coach and Yoga & Breathwork Instructor, Nathan founded Queer Conscious in hopes of freeing people from the shame prisons that are holding them back. By stepping into and owning the complex spectrum of our identities we can claim the fulfilling lives, careers, and relationships we are worthy of. Nathan's has nearly a decade of experience working in nonprofits, has served on the Planning Commission of Escondido, and currently trains coaches and entrepreneurs in Somatic Coaching, NLP, & Time Line Therapy®. Nathan has also been featured in podcasts for NPR, Fagnostic, and been a panelist for the Human Rights Campaign Mental Health Forum. All these leadership experiences have served to create the vision Queer Conscious aims to bring to the world, which is to support LGBTQ+ people find peace in their spiritual and sexual identities. As someone who has experienced the challenges of religious and sexual trauma, the mental health resources available were unsatisfactory. Queer Conscious aims to bring inclusive, holistic, and most up-to-date practices to help people return to their authentic expression. 

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