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Imagine harnessing a love for yourself that allows you to feel confident in any situation—in a job interview, a first date, or even in front of a camera. After years of taking portraits and shooting weddings, I began noticing the insecurities being revealed in people's eyes. The artist in me began to challenge these people and always found a way to make people recognize their own beauty.

"Essence" is a project focusing on queer men in their most vulnerable and natural state. The photos are shot intentionally of bare skin in nature. Revealing our skin is one of the most vulnerable things we can do. Pressures of a heteronormative society is hard enough, but with the added pressure of body image—much of which comes from within the supposedly safe LGBTQ+ community—we have to so much unhealthy programming to undo.


While these photos were meant only meant to inspire, many of my subjects have found the process to itself to be a healing modality—which makes sense. Imagine liking every selfie you've taken,  Imagine showing up in front of a camera with confidence, and imagine how that can translate into your every day life. If you, a friend, or a group of friends in the San Diego area are interested in taking part in a "Love Uncovered" photo session please contact me and I'd love to schedule a session.

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